Rattlin' Bog

Installation about a bog ecosystem controlled by an interactive physical computing device.


Mother Bear Mother Hen

Virtual Reality game with physical computing integration about a bear and a hen fighting to save their own children.



Solo exhibition at The Front Gallery in New Orleans. Includes digitally fabricated projectors, a glass artwork, a series of prints and a 'Let's Play' of Blue Boar VR.


Blue Boar VR

Virtual reality game about Mary Bradbury, the artist's 10th great-grandmother's 1692 Salem Witch Trial. A viewer can play through a key accusation against Mary, that she manifested in her garden as a blue boar, from each of three perspectives: Her accusers, Mary herself, or the blue boar.


Epic MegaGrant

Awarded $44,000 to develop two physical computing projects at UNC Asheville that interface with the Unreal Game Engine in 2020-21.


Art Hack Practice Future Focus Sessions

A series of online discussions in Summer and Fall 2020 with invited panelists and respondents from the Art Hack Practice Expanded Network Produced by Future Everything and hosted with Irini Papadamitriou and Suzy O'Hara.

Pilchuck 2019: The Glass Electric

Glass and Electronics course.

Victoria Bradbury & Mark Hursty

Re-Processed Garden

Installation with felt, plants, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LCD Screen, Powerswitch Tail, soil moisture sensor, animation.

Victoria Bradbury & Mark Hursty

Terrestrial Exhibition

Curatorial Project: Exhibition with works by Cristina Molina, Cyane Tornatzky, Angela Ferraiolo, Mark Hursty and Victoria Bradbury

Revolve Gallery

Asheville, NC

John Cage Room: {Re}Happening

Curatorial Project with invited performers and score. Collaboration between Media Arts Project, Revolve + Make Noise.

Black Mountain, NC

Skirting Color // Stitching Code

Durational performance with sewing machine, laptop, skirt, code.

Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center {Re}Happening

Black Mountain, NC

Electronic Ginseng 2.0

Electronic wooden sculpture with Arduino and servo motors.

British HCI Conference Interactions Gallery 2017

Sunderland, UK

Mountain Picnic

Workshop with electronics kits and virtual reality experience.

Center for Craft Creativity & Design

Asheville, NC

The City is The City (is The City)

Workshop Exploring Art and Citizen Journalism

Supported by BALTAN Labs

Designed and delivered with Suzy O'Hara and Olga Mink

Eindhoven, Netherlands


Participatory installation with data, digital embroidery, sticks, pools, electronics.
Sunderland, UK

Witch Pricker

Installation with felted strawberries, openFrameworks, Arduino, receipt printer, and chocolate coins.

Globe Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK


Thinking Digital Arts // Hack

co-Organiser with Suzy O'Hara and Lalya Gaye/p>

New Bridge Project and Newcastle Maker Space


Participatory installation with interactive gold nugget, digital prints, HTML page with visitor face images.

Colorado State Electronic Art Gallery


Participatory installation with data, custom code, conductive paint, hand-holding.
Newcastle, UK


Participatory installation/instruction-based work with Processing.

Feijiacun District, Beijing, China

Magic Lantern Data Projector

Glass and Electronic Art Collaboration

With Mark Hursty

Constellations: Offline Communication Experiments

Collaboration with Neil Winterburn

Digital Media Labs Residency @Octopus Collective

Experiments in Barrow-in-Furness, UK

Digital Media Labs Residency


@Octopus Collective

Barrow-in-Furness, UK

Electronics Tests

Experiments and studio prototypes with Arduino

Vacant Quarters

Interactive Animation & openFrameworks Sketch with Face Capture

Vacant Quarters Book with short story by Cathy Day

When Vacant Quarters senses the presence of a participant, animations and audio of rolling carts build toward a chaotic moment.

Mealtime Toasts From China

Radio Broadcast

or-bits.com presents 128kbps objects | BASIC.fm | 十月  October 22-29 2012

午餐干杯 Lunch Toast 05:00 GMT     晚餐干杯  Dinner Toast 11:00 GMT

Foreclosures 2.0

Processing Software


Using an RSS feed and the Processing programming environment, this software serves as a digital slideshow, pulling live NY Times Foreclosure-related headlines off the web and overlaying them on Henry Ingram's 1890s magic lantern slides.


37 Red Hats

Giclee Prints and Video


During a July 2008 residency in Beijing, leading up to the summer Olympics, I tracked down and was photographed in front of every Pizza Hut restaurant in the massive metropolis.


Blue Boar

Interactive Installation


Face recognition software senses that a viewer is present, then replaces the blue boar's face with his or her likeness.


Colonial Vegetables Sewn Sampler Book

Fabric Book


This embroidered silk book re-tells my 10th great-grandmother's Salem Witchcraft trial from the perspective of the vegetables in her garden.

Midway Projections Installation

Multimedia installation with single-channel video
Albright Knox Art Gallery Buffalo NY 2010

In Midway Projections, Madame Blueberry projects from the site of the 1901 Buffalo Pan American Exposition Midway.

Midway Projections Prints

Digital prints
Albright Knox Art Gallery Buffalo NY 2010

In the Midway Projections print series, Madame Blueberry and visitors project onto the contemporary site of the Pan American Exposition Midway.

Electronic Ginseng

3-D Embroidered Drawing with Electronic Interaction

Arduino, leds, blown glass

Loud and Soud: Maple

Dual Channel Video

January 2013


In Our Days of Burning

Real-time video processing with using Max/MSP/Jitter
Choreographer: Miriam Wolf | Dixon Place NYC | 2010


Inspired by the closed-door McCarthy Hearings, In Our Days Of Burning investigates the relationship between interrogator and respondent and the tenuous fabric between a lie and the truth.


The Summit

Real-time video processing with using Max/MSP/Jitter
Collaborators: Mark Hursty|Miriam Wolf|Jono Lucas|Steven Whalley
5 Points Theatre | Jacksonville FL | 2009