Victoria Bradbury is a new media artist weaving programming code, physical computing, body and object.


She is Associate Professor and Chair of New Media at University of North Carolina Asheville. Victoria is a recipient of a $44,000 Epic MegaGrant to develop new research integrating physical computing with the Unreal Engine. With Suzy O'Hara, she co-edited Art Hack Practice: Critical Intersections of Art, Innovation and the Maker Movement (Routledge, 2019). Victoria has also published writing in Neural Magazine, the CITAR Journal, the Media-N Journal, and ISEA and xCoAx Proceedings.


She was a member of the New Media Caucus Board of Directors from 2012 - 2023 and served on the Media Arts Project Board and xCoAx Scientific Committee and ISEA Programming Committee. Victoria completed a practice-based PhD, "The Performativity of Code in Participatory New Media Artworks" with CRUMB at the University of Sunderland, UK, in 2015 and an MFA in Electronic Integrated with Alfred University in 2009.


Victoria has led art hacking events and workshops including The City is The City (is The City) at Baltan Labs (Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2015), Thinking Digital Arts // Hack (Newcastle UK, 2014), and the Into Practice Book Sprint at Banner Repeater (London, UK). She was a member of the British Council team for Hack the Space, Tate Modern. (London UK, 2014) and participated in the IMMERSION: Art and Technology workshops (Shanghai, China, 2012) and Digital Media Labs (Barrow, UK, 2014). Her artworks have been exhibited at Revolve Gallery, Harvestworks, The Albright Knox, Hallwalls Gallery, The Front NOLA and The New Britain Museum of American Art.

Artist Statement:

Seeking new modes of making with time, I came to programmatic artworks as a way out of, then back into performativity. At the heart of my practice is a hands-on, experimental process that regards both analog and digital with equal weight and balance. Creating interactive installations led me to question how programmatic artworks that are void of a traditional stage-audience dichotomy can be considered performative.


My participatory projects enact objects as nodes, broadening their relevance by centralizing them as tools to address wider ideas while exploring historical, social, or political systems. I have engaged this strategy while navigating the streets of Beijing in search of every Pizza Hut and while using sculptural proxies for accusers in two works that explore historic witch trials through interactive media.




2022 “Mother Bear Mother Hen.” Future Bodies Symposium Exhibition. (Juried group exhibition). New Media Caucus, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA.

2021 “Blue Boar VR” and “Electronic Ginseng.” 2021 New Media Faculty and Staff Exhibition. (Invited group exhibition). UNC Asheville, Asheville, NC.

2020 InterGlass China Exhibition (group exhibition). Heijan City Museum, China.

2020 S-WITCH (solo exhibition). The Front Gallery, New Orleans, Louisiana.

2020 Electronic Ginseng 2.0. Redirect Exhibition. Curated by Suzie Dittenber with Tiger Strikes Asteroid Greenville. Revolve Gallery.

2019 Blue Boar VR. IEEE-GEM Conference Exhibition. Curated by Nicholas O'Brien. Yale University.

2019 With or Without You Video. Family Time Screening. CAA Conference. Curated by Myrel S. Chernick and Niku Kashef.

2018 Electronic Ginseng 2.0 video. Maker Movement. Albert van Abbehuis, Eindhoven, Netherlands. Curated by Megan Erasmus and Tom Veeger

2018 Re-Processed Garden | Revolve Gallery Terrestrial Exhibition | Asheville, NC

2018 The Hannah Festival and Directory | The North UK

2017 Mountain Picnic | Center for Craft, Creativity and Design Craft City Event | Asheville, NC

2017 Skirting Color // Stitching Code | xCoAx 2017 Exhibition | Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporânea | Lisbon, Portugal

2017 Electronic Ginseng 2.0 | BHCI 2017 Interactions Gallery | Sunderland, UK

2017 Skirting Color // Stitching Code | {Re}Happening 2017 | Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center | Black Mountain, NC

2017 Skirting Color // Stitching Code Video | Have Your Own screening event with Hot Cabinet | NYC

2017 The Hannah Festival and Directory | The North UK

2016 Victoria Bradbury: Assay // Hearsay solo exhibition | Electronic Art Gallery at CO State | Ft. Collins, CO

2016 Art2Code | Catalogue by v1b3 | online

2016 LAM Gallery Concrete Plastic Event featuring Armseye Magazine Issue II with Haway the Lasses | Los Angeles, CA

2015 The Late Shows | The Core Science Central | Newcastle UK

2015 Gateshead Arts Creative Makings Exhibition | Gateshead Library Gallery, Gateshead UK

2015 The Hannah Festival and Directory | The North UK

2015 The City is The City (is The City) | Invited Workshop Leader | BALTAN Labs | Eindhoven NL

2015 A Yorkshire Hack | Invited Participant | Digital Utopias Conference | Hull UK

2015 Hack the City | Invited Participant | Sheffield Methods Institute | Sheffield UK

2014 Show Me the Money: Images of Finance 1700 to the Present | NGCA Gallery and traveling | Sunderland UK

2014 Data Raft | Up the Creek/Under the Cloud Exhibition with Alexia Mellor | University of Sunderland UK

2014 Future Talent | Thinking Digital Arts | St. Mary's | Gateshead UK

2014 Digital Futures | Invited Artist Presenter | V & A at the White Building | London UK

2014 Hack the Space | Tate Modern Turbine Hall | London UK

2014 The Hannah Festival and Directory | The North, UK

2014 Thinking Digital Arts // Hack | Co-Lead Artist with Lalya Gaye | New Bridge Project | Newcastle UK

2013 Attaya Projects showcase with Lalya Gaye | B&D Studios | Northern Design Festival| Newcastle UK

2013 Witch Pricker in Dear Angel | curated by Suzy O'Hara | Globe Gallery | Newcastle UK

2013 Build-A-Boat | New Bridge Project PH Space | Newcastle UK

2013 Into Practice Book Sprint | at Banner Repeater | London UK

2013 Ventriloquisms for Fun and Profit | BASIC.FM screening | Newcastle UK

2013 Datarama: Ventriloquisms for Fun and Profit | Performance | curated by Isabella Streffen | Pixel Palace | Newcastle UK

2013 Hot Cabinet: Guilty Pleasure, The Quest for Extraterrestrials | curated by Tiffany Joy Butler |Video Screening | Brooklyn NY USA

2012 Mealtime Toasts from China | or-bits.com 128kbps objects | curated by Marialaura Ghidini | Newcastle UK

2012 From Lausanne to Beijing 7th International Fiber Art Biennale | Nanching China

2012 Vacant Quarters | Witness Material | with Steina Vasulka, Elisabeth Tolson curated by Nick Garofoli | Cuchifritos Gallery NYC USA

2012 Feijiacun Shangrila Open Studio Exhibition | curated by Filipa Reis | Beijing China

2011 Blue Boar | New Britain Museum of American Art New Media Space | New Britain CT USA

2011 Conversation Pieces | Purdue University | curated by Shannon McMullen | Purdue IN USA

2011 Fine Art Faculty Biennial | Ball State University | Muncie IN ISA

2011 End-to-End | Harvestworks Digital Media Center | curated by Moyi Zhang | NY NY USA

2011 Monkey Thunder BOOM | Muncie Civic Theatre, Gordy Fine Arts | Muncie IN USA

2011 Peepshow: It’s Complicated | Squeaky Wheel the Ukrainian Cultural Center | Buffalo NY USA

2011 Metabellum III: Performed at Triskelion Arts Dance Festival | Brooklyn NY USA

2011 Metabellum II: Performed at Rapture:Rupture Artists and Models | Buffalo NY USA

2011 Metabellum: Collaborative Performance with Dance and Electronic Art | Ball State Univ. | Muncie IN USA

2010 Beyond/In Alternating Currents | Albright Knox Art Gallery | curated by Holly Hughes | Buffalo NY USA

2010 From Lausanne to Beijing 6th International Fiber Art Biennale | Beijing China

2010 Home Sweet Home | solo exhibition | Olean NY USA

2010 MOCA JAX | Artist Studio Tour | Jacksonville FL USA

2010 In Our Days of Burning | live video | choreographer Miriam Wolf | Dixon Place | NY NY USA

2009 The Summit | 5 Points Theatre | Jacksonville FL USA

2009 Artist Television Access | solo screening | San Francisco CA USA

2009 Hallwalls | solo screening and monitor installation | curated by Carolyn Tenant | Buffalo NY USA

2009 Screens From the Centrally Isolated | Squeaky Wheel | Buffalo NY USA

2009 Momento Mori | WARPhaus Gallery | Gainesville FL USA

2009 The Midway | Two-Person Exhibition with Alicia Eggert | Hornell NY USA

2009 The Southern Tier Biennial | Olean NY USA

2009 Peepshow | Squeaky Wheel at the Ukrainian Cultural Center | Buffalo NY USA

2008 Various Explorers | #354 workspace.showspace | solo exhibition | Rochester NY USA

2008 BORDEREDROB | exchange with CAFA Media Lab | Beijing China

2008 Dagaocun Art District 2008 International Artist Exhibition | Beijing China

2008 Imagine and Red Gate Studios Open Studio Exhibition | Beijing China

2008 The Sustainable Circus | Gallery MC | NY NY USA

2008 Burchfield-Penney Grand Opening Video Screening | curated by Jan Nagle | Buffalo NY USA

2008 Loop Video Art Festival | Catalonia Rambla Hotel | Barcelona Spain

2008 555: A Pre-Enactment of the Apocalypse | Turner Gallery | Alfred NY USA

2007 Parabola | Turner Gallery | Alfred NY

2007 Lincoln Center Family Art Show | Cork Gallery at Avery Hall | NY NY USA

2007 Loop Sanctuary IV: Dreaming a New Reel | The Chapel + Cultural Center at Rensselaer | Troy NY USA

2006 Project One | CenterStage | Baltimore MD USA

2006 Out of Order | Maryland Art Place | Baltimore MD USA

2005 Watcher | Gallery 815 | Baltimore MD USA

2004 Dead End | 3rd Floor South | Baltimore MD USA

2004 Pyrokinetic | 3rd Floor South Gallery | Baltimore MD USA

2003 Fluxus Readings with Alison Knowles | MICA | Baltimore MD USA



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University of Sunderland | Curatorial Resource for Upstart Media Bliss | Sunderland UK | 2015

Doctor of Philosophy, PhD | Supervisor: Beryl Graham | 2015


Alfred University New York State College of Ceramics | Alfred NY | 2009

Master of Fine Arts in Electronic Integrated Arts


Maryland Institute College of Art | Baltimore MD | 2003

Bachelor of Fine Arts in General Fine Art | Magna Cum Laude


Burren College of Art | Ballyvaughan Ireland | 2001

Semester of Study



Art Hack Practice panel in conversation | Panel led by Suzy O'Hara with Hannah Redler-Hawes (ODI), Marc Garett (Furtherfield), Irini Papadimitriou (FutureEverything) | Copy That? Surplus Data in an Age of Repetitive Duplication opening night at the Open Data Institute (ODI) | February 4, 2020.


Art Hack Practice: Critical Intersections of Art, Innovation and the Maker Movement | Panel led by Suzy O'Hara with Jasmin Grimm, TSAO Yidi and Nora O’Murchú | Vorspiel/CTM opening night | January 17, 2020.



2016 Signal Culture | Toolmaker-in-Residence | Olean NY

2014 Digital Media Labs | @Octopus Collective | Barrow-in-Furness | Cumbria UK

2014 - 15 Creative Makings Residency | Gateshead Libraries | Gateshead UK

2008 Imagine Gallery Residency | Feijiacun District | Beijing China



2010-2012 Faculty Fellow | Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts | Ball State University | IN USA



2022 Digital Fluency and Experiential Learning: Promoting Digital Humanities in Undergraduate Research | National Endowment for the Humanities Community Connections Implementation Grant | $149,410. Co-Director

2020 Epic MegaGrant | $44,000 to develop new physical computing projects that interface with the Unreal Engine.

2013 Arts Council England Funding | Presentation at ISEA2013 and establishment of Into Practice

2011 Creative Arts Grant | Ball State University | IN USA

2011 Curricular Activities Grant | Ball State University IN USA

2009 Cite International Des Arts Paris | Cite Fellowship Winner | Alfred University USA

2009 Best in Show | The Southern Tier Biennial | Olean NY USA

2009 SUNY Thayer Fellowship for the Arts | Film and Video Category Finalist | Purchase NY USA

1999-2003 Neinken Foundation Grant | Bucks County PA USA



October 2023 | Artist Talk, City Tech, CUNY, Brooklyn, NY.

June 2020 | Future Focus Fragile Worlds At Ars Electronica, hosted by Future Everything with Irini Papadimitriou, Suzy O'Hara and panelists Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde and Paolo Cirio.

June 2020 | Future Focus Session I: Art Hack Practice Future Everything with Irini Papadimitriou, Suzy O'Hara and panelists Ellen Pearlman, Olga Mink, Olof Mathé and respondent Jessica Thompson.

June 2020 | Future Focus Session I: Art Hack Practice Future Everything with Irini Papadimitriou, Suzy O'Hara and panelists Marc Garrett, Ayodamola Tanimowo Okunseinde, Yidi Tsao and respondent Marialaura Ghidini.

May 2020 | Future Focus Session I: Art Hack Practice Future Everything with Irini Papadimitriou, Suzy O'Hara and panelists Hannah Redler Hawes, Julie Freeman, Clare Reddington, Mugendi K. M’Rithaa, Tania Aedo and respondents Garnet Hertz and Saki Mafundikwa.

November 2017 | CAA Conversations Podcast: Jason Bernagozzi and Victoria Bradbury invited, hosted by Ellen Mueller

September 2017 | Invited Artist Talk, Visiting Artist Series | Sarah Lawrence College | Bronxville, NY

October 2016 | Invited Artist Talk | Revolve Gallery and Media Arts Project | Asheville, NC

June 2016 | Guest critic | CRUMB Curating Master Class | University of Sunderland | Sunderland UK

February 2016 | New Media Caucus Showcase | Washington D.C.

January 2014 | Up the Creek/Under the Cloud Exhibition Talk with Alexia Mellor | University of Sunderland UK

September 2013 | Into Practice Sharing Session | ISIS Arts | Newcastle UK

February 2013 | Talk on Makerspaces in China | Makerspace | Newcastle UK

November 2012 | Artist Presentation | Guangzhou Polytechnic University | Guangzhou China

October 2012 | Artist Presentation | Xinchejian Makerspace | Shanghai China

September 2012 | Project Presentation | Barcamp | Shanghai China

March 2012 | Artist Presentation | AHRC Block Grant Training | The Baltic Newcastle UK

February 2011 | New Media Caucus Showcase | New York NY



Digital Weaving, Textile Design and Production | ReVIEWING Black Mountain College 14 | (Panel Presentation) | UNC Asheville, Asheville, NC | October 13, 2023.

Redirect Exhibition artist panel | January 24, 2020 | Mediated by Lei Han with Ben Duvall, Janna Dyk, Joyce Yu-Jean Lee and Victoria Bradbury | Revolve Gallery.

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2023 Digital Weaving, Textile Design and Production | The New Media Gallery (Group exhibition) | Asheville, NC

2023 Psychasthenia 4 | The New Media Gallery (Solo exhibition of an interactive game by Joyce Rudinsky and Victoria Szabo) | Asheville, NC

2018 Terrestrial Exhibition | Revolve Gallery | Exhibition with Angela Ferraiolo, Cyane Tornatzky and Cristina Molina | Asheville, NC

2018 Re:Happening | John Cage Room | a curatorial collaboration between Victoria Bradbury, Carmelo Pampillonio, Alec Sturgis, Colby Caldwell, and Walker Farrell | The Media Arts Project + Revolve, in conjunction with BMCM+AC | Black Mountain, NC

2014 and 2016 Post-Screen: International Festival of Art, New Media and Cybercultures | University of Lisbon | Portugal

2010 Was Here | Hudson Beach Glass Gallery | video loop | Phila. PA, Beacon NY USA

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2015 Coding the Past / Coding The Future: Linking local stories with Processing | Central Library | Newcastle UK

2014 Thinking Digital Arts // Hack | New Bridge Project Space | with Lalya Gaye curated by Suzy O'Hara | Newcastle UK

2014 Into Practice Book Sprint | Banner Repeater | London UK

2014 Lantern Making and Hacking Electronics | Gateshead Arts | Gateshead UK

2014 Dynamic Animations with HTML | Gateshead Arts | Gateshead, UK



2019 HACK IT! DIY Divine Tools | Asheville Mini Maker Faire | Led with Leslee Johnson | UNC Asheville, Asheville, NC

2017 HACK IT! DIY Dystopia: Surviving a Techno-apocalypse | CrAFT Studio | UNC Asheville, Asheville, NC

2017 Advanced Interactive Design Student Showcase | Collider Space | Asheville, NC



2008 Under the Table Theatre | Scenic Designer | The Only Friends We Have | tour: Soundance, Brooklyn, NY USA

 Berkshire Fringe Festival, Stockbridge MA USA, Filuren, Arhus, Denmark

2007 The Combustibles | Burnt Umber | Scenic Designer | The New York Clown Festival | Brooklyn NY USA

2007 The Juilliard School Dance Division | Scenic Designer | Senior Dance Choreographers 2007 | NY NY USA

2006-2007 | The Juilliard School | NY NY USA | Properties Stock Manager/Artisan

2004-2006 | Center Stage | Baltimore MD USA | Properties Artisan

2003 | Glimmerglass Opera | Cooperstown NY USA | Costume Crafts



Community Arts Partnership Mentor | Baltimore MD USA | 1999-2003

The Great Halloween Lantern Parade | Molly Ross Artist Assistant | Baltimore MD USA | 2003



Augmented Narratives: Expanding the Possibilities of AR through Improvisational Worlding | led by 4if at the New School NYC Media Labs | September 2017

British HCI Maker Day: Digital Make Believe (also on the organizing team) | Sunderland Fab Lab | University of Sunderland UK | July 2017

Future Fabulators Workshop with [fo.am] and Times Up | xCoAx | Porto Portugal | June 2014

CRUMB Short Course curated and taught by Beryl Graham | London UK | February 2014 & January 2015

Attaya Projects Physical Computing Workshop | Northern Design Festival | Newcastle UK | October 2013

Design Fiction Workshops with ISIS Arts and Gabriella Arrigoni | The Big M | Newcastle UK | Sept 2013

Immersion Art and Technology Workshops | Shanghai Biennial China | with Graham Harwood and Eric Lee, Jeffrey Shaw, Ulf Langheinrich, Joseph Nechvatal, Linda Lai, Roy Ascott | Oct 3-16 2012

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center | NY NY USA | Audio for Visual Artists | Nov 2010

Harvestworks Digital Media Arts Center | NY NY USA | Advanced MAX/MSP in Performance | Nov 2009

Seeing and Hearing Data in MAX/MSP/Jitter | Nov 2009

Circuit Bending Workshop | BENT Festival | Eyebeam Gallery | NY NY USA | 2006

Introduction to Microcontrollers | Eyebeam Gallery | Brooklyn NY USA | 2006



New Media Caucus | Board member 2012 - 2023 | Former chair and member of Communications Committee

CITAR Journal | Editorial Board 2017-2020

Media Arts Project | Board Member 2017-2019

ISEA Programming Committee | 2022-present

xCoAx Scientific Committee | 2018-present

British HCI Conference Program Committee | 2018-19

Attaya Projects Collaborator

Member of Into Practice | a UK-based collective of artists, curators and researchers that exists to provide knowledge that facilitates practice

Makerspace Newcastle | Member | 2013-15

Xinchejian Hackerspace Shanghai | Member | 2012