Curatorial: {Re}Happening John Cage Room

Coco Fusco performance


Collaboration between MAP/REVOLVE + MAKE NOISE for {Re}HAPPENING 2018 at the John Cage Room.


Organized and conceived by a curatorial collaboration between Victoria Bradbury, Carmelo Pampillonio, Alec Sturgis, Colby Caldwell, and Walker Farrell.


The Media Arts Project + Revolve in conjunction with BMCM+AC, present a reactive multimedia installation in the John Cage Room scored by multiple movements which feature live coding, sound, performance and visuals. Isolated performers responded to streams of dynamic visual cues, the sequence and content of which were determined by chance operations. The room itself acted as a site of negotiation — between the performers, and between the performers and audience. It was a nexus for virtual collaboration, coincidental encounters, prompted actions, and a variety of trans-disciplinary activities. Performers included: Elisa Faires, Thom Stanton, Daniel Levin, Meg Mulhearn, Bernard Welt, Frank Meadows, Jack Callahan, Constance Humphries, Coco Nuco, Cilla Vee, and Marcyanne Hannemann.




Bernard Welt spoken word performance

Victoria Bradbury and Carmelo Pampillonio planning video cues

Walker Farrell with Make Noise audio setup


Supported by Media Arts Project, Revolve Gallery, Make Noise and The Black Mountain College Museum + Arts Center.