The City is The City (is The City)


In the first flickering moments of the 21st century, luminous as it is unstable, we, its citizens, awake in a new age of data and connectivity.


Images by Sas Enzo.


The City is The City (is The City)

Organised with Suzy O'Hara (curator of Thinking Digital Arts) and Olga Mink.
Supported by Baltan Laboratories

The rise and development of citizen-journalism is a form of reporting that specifically uses citizen media and user-generated content to construct the news, disrupting the audience-broadcaster divide.

Caught in the cross-fire between a disappearing illusion of privacy and an increasing dependence on networked services and infrastructures, the attitudes we recast towards roles of participation assume a new urgency. Indeed, what has this new world of meta-data and democratized tools offered us if not an opportunity to enact, by implementing resources, techniques, and technologies, new investigations of these tools through artistic response?


Provocations were explored through experimentation, questioning; How is artistic practice informed by the practical and theoretical challenges that simultaneous networked perspectives present?