organised with Suzy O'Hara (curator of Thinking Digital Arts) and Lalya Gaye (of Attaya Projects)


Thinking Digital Arts // Hack: images from the day photographed by Lalya Gaye


On Tuesday 20th May 2014, a group of artists, designers and hackers took over NewBridge Project Gallery and Newcastle Maker Space to explore the theme of ‘Decentralisation’ through collaborative and interdisciplinary projects. Project topics were proposed and led by invited artists and facilitated by the local hosts, myself, Suzy O'Hara and Lalya Gaye. The hack culminated in an evening event at NewBridge Project, as part of the opening of the Thinking Digital Conference 2014.

Thinking Digital Arts // Hack was a hands-on opportunity to think, make, and create with others in a high energy, highly collaborative and creative environment, using innovative methods, processes and technologies. The event was aimed primarily at creative practitioners with a background in digital art and design, programming, sculptural or performance practice, with the goal to come together and create tangible comments, explorations and interpretations of the theme.