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Teaching Summary


I have developed and taught university courses in new media and interactive art and design.
I also run public workshops and hacks that activate creative applications of code, materials, and physical computing.



Working with VR research student on Blue Boar VR project, 2019.


Troubleshooting a circuit for an Aphrodite 'love sensor' prototype. Photo by Paris Davis, 2019.



Hack it! DIY Divine Tools:
Asheville's First Mini Maker Faire, 2019


Hack it! DIY Dystopia:
Surviving a Techno-apocalypse
Arts Fest 2017



Teaching Aims


- Facilitate implementation of interdisciplinary projects at a variety of scales.
- Generate discussion around contemporary practice, theory, and diverse histories.
- Spark creative excitement among individuals and collaborative groups.
- Teach students to integrate writing code and using software in their practice.
- Mentor through instruction, knowledge sharing, and self-motivated skills-building.
- Encourage experiential learning through outside partnerships.



Teaching Philosophy


My central aim as a new media educator is to teach students how to be creative with fluctuating technologies in a changing world. Meeting this goal enables careers where critical thinking is incorporated alongside steady streams of technical knowledge. To achieve this, I give students opportunities to practice working efficiently on their own and collaboratively; they must keep their greater community in mind as they engage with projects at a variety of scales.


My course projects require students to develop different types of technical skills. A key part of the semester are technological demonstrations that I plan and deliver in the classroom while students follow along. These demos lay the foundation necessary to complete each assignment. In addition to technical skills, I also emphasize foundational visual concepts, particularly typography and color theory. These are embedded into projects and we engage with accompanying readings and lectures, covering artists and designers such as Josef Albers and Ellen Lupton.


Alongside of project creation, I aim to foster open dialogue in my classroom through critique. This helps students learn to speak about their own work and that of others, including peers and professional artists and designers. Learning to apply constructive criticism helps students to think critically about the popular and artistic media around them and improves their own practice. They will take these skills into their professions as makers and creative practitioners or into graduate school.


Teaching in a time when digital tools are ubiquitous, but their inner workings are increasingly 'blackboxed' and hidden, it is important to impart to students how to create from scratch with digital technologies. I do this by teaching code and visual skills that allow students to make projects that give them a voice in a broader dialogue around technology and its use in society; they become critical makers rather than consumers.



Academic Appointments


University of North Carolina Asheville

Assistant Professor of New Media | Appointed 2016


Alfred University

Visiting Assistant Professor of New Media and Contemporary Art History | 2015 - 16


Ball State University

Assistant Professor of Electronic Art | 2010 - 12

Faculty Fellow | Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts | 2010 - 12



Previous Courses


Alfred University Courses:

Art in the Age of Digital Recursion (graduate seminar)

Games in Art

Issues and Debates in Contemporary Art

Art and Social Ideals


Ball State University Courses:

Video Live!

Collaborative Electronic Performance with Max/Msp/Jitter

Visual Communication Technologies I and II

Digital Arts


University of Florida Courses:

Programming for Artists

Video Art

Time Based Media




Selected Public Workshops:


Coding the Past - Coding the Future | City Library | Newcastle, UK:


Work Discovery Processing Workshop | Fablab | Sunderland, UK:


Lantern Making and Hacking Electronics | Gateshead Arts | Gateshead, UK:


Processing, Makey Makey and Archival Imagery | Gateshead Arts | Gateshead, UK:


Interactive Arts: Future Talent | Lord Lawson Schools | Gateshead, UK: