HACK IT! DIY Divine Tools was an art hack at UNC Asheville's Lipinsky Hall during the first Asheville Mini Maker Faire, 2019. The event was planned and run by Victoria Bradbury's New Media Advanced Interactive Design students with Leslee Johnson's HUM 124 class. This collaborative interdisciplinary hack allowed students to draw upon their knowledge of humanities and ancient cultures and combine this with technological objects (physical computing and sensors), allowing a diverse group of students to think critically while innovating ways to prototype tools that a god or goddess they have studied could use.

The collaboration was a tech-savvy meeting of the ancient world and contemporary culture using hacker wizardry to upgrade mythic powers. Joining forces in this way gave students insight into the values and legends of our current context, adding yet another "translation" to the ancient stories.

The groups of hackers (NM420) and crafters (HUM124) created the "Pulse of Love" for Aphrodite, a tool to tell if someone is in love, "A Curse Detector Wand" for Enkidu, a wand that makes a shrill noise if you've been cursed, a technologically advanced bolas for the Hero Twins, Xbalanque and Hunapu, a technologically effective discuss thrower for Vishnu, and an offering sensor for the Buddha that lights up if your offering is acceptable, and then Buddha gives it back. At the end, an award ceremony presented participants with gold and silver medallions designed and 3-d printed by New Media students and faculty.

HACK IT! DIY Divine Tools was a collaboration between Victoria Bradbury's Advanced Interactive Design Course and Leslee Johnson's HUM 124 class. It was part of Asheville Mini Maker Fair 2019 at UNC Asheville. The event was supported by The University of North Carolina Asheville Department of New Media. This webpage, the images and video were designed, photographed and edited by Paris Davis.