Student Projects

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Virtual Sheet

NM 420 | Jon Nelson

An ultrasonic sensor creates a simulated wind in Unreal.

Stateless Vessel

Pilchuck 2018 | Elizabeth Waugh

Stateless Vessel is a piece about African migration on the Mediterranean.

Secret Code Game

NM 420 | Cynthia Bozarth

The Secret Code Game is an interactive code finding game using uv lights, an ir remote and Processing.


Pilchuck 2018 | Yi Wei

Electrolyte explores the technical use of glass and electroforming.

Color Dots

NM 420 | Chelsea Childers

Pick a color from the led and see it move across the LCD screen.


Pilchuck 2018 | Jorge Palacio

Abuela uses electroformed glass to project a video and turn on an LED.

Barcode Tree

NM 420 | Daniel Estes

Use a barcode scanner to change the color of RGB LED's.

Casette Radio Stations

Pilchuck 2018 | Jeanene Bailey

Touching the different electroformed glass casettes plays different audio files through Processing.


NM 231 | Skylar Von Blarcom

A mask with LED eyes lights up as it responds to sound.

Proximity Tracking Bust

Pilchuck 2018 | Elizabeth Waugh

A motion tracking head swivels to follow the viewer.

Wind in Grass

NM 420 | Alex Nielsen

A fan lightly moves embroidered grass blades and roots.

Electroformed Cedar Basket

Pilchuck 2018 | Ho-Wan-Ut "Haila" Old Peter

A cedar basket woven in the Puget Salish Native American tradition is electroformed.

Light Trombone

NM 420 | Kirsten Clauer

A photoresistor, a piezo buzzer, and a slider all work together to create a trombone based on light.

Musical Instrument

Pilchuck 2018 | Ofir Smudjak

By touching the copper on the electroformed glass instrument, the user plays sounds from the Pilchuck campus.

Rock Paper Scissors

NM 420 | Caleb Spradlin

The Arduino uses a flex sensor to determine whether the user says rock, paper, or scissors... and then decides how to beat the game.

Ruben's Tube Theremin

Pilchuck 2018 | Chris Hoffman

Ruben's Tube Theremin visualizes sound waves through speakers, sensors, and fire.