The Glass Electric

Glassblowing, Electroforming, Interactive Electronics

Learn to combine hot-sculpted and plated glass with interactive electronics through a class that explores electroformed copper, inside sculpting, sensors, and microcontrollers!

Mark Hursty & Victoria Bradbury

Pilchuck Glass School | Summer Session 3 | 2019

Mark Hursty & Tommy Dylan

Pilchuck Glass School | Summer Session 3 | 2018

Tutorial #0: Introduction to Microcontrollers

Learn about microcontrollers, software, and other tolls used in this course.

Tutorial #1: Hello World Blink

Start off by making an LED blink on and off.

Tutorial #2: Color Changing LED

Try out the RGB LED, which allows a wide range of colors through a single LED.

Tutorial #3: More LEDs

Use multiple LEDs and make some colorful patterns.

Tutorial #4: Digital and Analog

Try out using a button and a photoresistor to control digital and analog aspects from the Arduino.

Tutorial #5: Capacitance

See how capacitance can be integrated into various mediums.

Tutorial #6: Servo Motor Control

Use a potentiometer to control a servo motor.

Tutorial #7: Proximity Sensor

Using Arduino, the serial, and Processing, create a proximity sensor using an Ultrasonic Sensor.

Tutorial #8: Arduino + Sound

Learn about different ways to use sound with the Arduino.

Tutorial #9: Interactive Video

Integrate video and use sensory input with Arduino and sound with Processing.

Tutorial #10: High Power Control

Learn how to use greater power than what the Arduino provides.