For the final project, you may choose from the following 3 options:

  1. An expansion of the Physical Computing Prototype, or a new physical computing project. This may take the form of an 'interactive installation' or 'interactive kiosk' with a commercial or artistic intent. It should be displayed in a finished, professional manner for the final critique.
  2. An expansion of the Wildfires Mapping Project, creating a similar project under a self-driven theme. This would draw upon the tools we used and learned at the beginning of semester and be web-based. It may or may not be a storymap and can have a commercial or artistic intent.
  3. A project that extends your current knowledge of Javascript and Responsive Design. A web-based project of your own design with a commercial or artistic intent.


Grading Criteria

  1. Well planned.
  2. Choice and use of materials.
  3. Creativity and design, including concept and use of color, font, layout.
  4. Functionality including responsivity and/or interactivity/viewer experience.
  5. Demonstrates an understanding of the techniques concepts learned throughout this semester and on the interactive track.

Advanced Interactive Media: NM420