Over the course of this semester, we have worked with tiny museums, interactive kioks, tactical media, responsive design, and javascript. We have pushed our design logic, aesthetically and technically, through each assignment.

For this final project, you will use the skills developed in this class to design and code a creative web project of your choice that is responsive and draws upon the javascript you have learned.

Create a website that contains 6-8 pages (or fewer long scroll pages) and that uses any combination of text, images, video, and audio.

The site may be very literal or more surreal and abstract. It may be either artistic or commercial in nature.


  1. Create at least 3 designs for your site on paper and/or in Photoshop. Create a site map and wireframes. Begin to collect color schemes and imagery that you will use on your site.
    • We will conduct individual meetings to discuss your site plan and designs. Sign up for these in class.
  2. Code your site using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  3. Test the layout and navigation throughout the design and build process.
  4. Your site should have the following properties:
    • It should consist of 6-8 html pages (or fewer long scroll pages).
    • The pages should have a link structure in the form of a menu or other navigation strategy that allows a visitor to travel through and access the content.
    • All imagery used must be original (ie: created by you either photographically or on paper).
    • It should consider both functionality and design.
    • It must work across browsers and on media of various sizes.
  5. Submit this project by the deadline on the nm server under public_html in a folder called 'final_project'. The first page of your site should be titled 'index.html'.

Ideas for inspiration:

Grading Criteria

  1. Meets the criteria in the Instructions section.
  2. Well planned.
  3. Creativity and design, including concept and use of color, font, layout.
  4. Functionality including responsivity and interactivity/viewer experience.
  5. Demonstrates an understanding of the concepts learned throughout this semester, particularly the inclusion of javascript in a greater web project.

Intermediate Interactive Media: NM320