Following the in-class lecture, you will get into pairs/threes to create a website-as-research project about your assigned net.artist/artwork.


  1. Research your assigned artist/artwork.
  2. Design and code a single-page, long-scroll website that will be used to present your net.artist's work.
  3. Your site should include images, links, and approximagely 500 words of text (that you write), including 4-5 citations of your research sources. Wikipedia may be only up to 1 of your sources.
  4. Suggested sources:

    Net Art Anthology:

    Media Kunst:

    Media Art History:

  5. Consider several of these questions when writing about your artist/artwork:
    • In what way were they using the web as a medium (considering the time/era they were working)?
    • In what way can this be considered art?
    • What is technically interesting about this project?
    • What was the artist trying to express? How are the techniques used helping/hindering this expression?
    • What kind of aesthetic choices are being made? What is deliberate or accidental?
    • What is the background/biography of the artist and what other works have they made?
  6. Create this site, remembering that it will be used to present your artist and artwork to the rest of the class to teach them about the artist and artwork. Each presentation will be 5-7 minutes long.
    THINK: Can the design of your site reflect the aesthetic of the artwork you are researching?
  7. Submit this project as a ZIP folder on the Shared Google Drive, under the folder " websites".

Grading Criteria

  1. Planning.
  2. Research.
  3. Collaboration.
  4. Code and design of the site.
  5. Final Presentation.


Intro to Web Page & Interactive Design: NM231