This is an open final assignment. Choose some of the concepts that we worked with this semester and expand them into a final project that builds upon your technical, design and interactive skills.

Over the course of this semester, we have learned and practiced:

This project gives you the opportunity to further investigate one or more of the above concepts.

The final project site may be literal or more surreal and abstract.


  1. Design your idea(s) on paper and/or in Photoshop. Create at least 3 designs of your idea(s).
  2. Meet with your instructor to discuss your ideas and sketches. Sign up for a meeting in class.
  3. Start working on the code and imagery for your project.
  4. Test the layout and navigation throughout the design and build process.
  5. Submit this project by the deadline on Google Drive in the Final Projects folder. Your first page should be named 'index.html'.
  6. Include with your project submission 1 paragraph of text (approx 300 words) describing your idea and concept for the project. This should be an extra html page added to your site.

Ideas for inspiration:

Grading Criteria

  1. Meets the criteria in the Instructions section.
  2. Ambitious.
  3. Well-planned.
  4. Creativity and design, including concept and use of color, font, layout.
  5. Functionaltiy and interactivity/viewer experience.
  6. Demonstrates an increased understanding of the concepts learned throughout this semester.

Intro to Web Page & Interactive Design: NM231