For this project, you will learn how to incorporate and use JavaScript with your html and CSS, and you will experiment with the use of sound in the browser.

Create an interactive page/toy/instrument that creates sound along with an interactive visual interface.


  1. Bring 3 sounds and 3 gifs/png images to class (open source found files are fine for this!)
  2. Follow along with the demos in-class
  3. Experiment with the code.
  4. Use a minimum of 5 clicks, 5 images and 3 sounds in your piece.
  5. Use Javascript but also draw on your now strong html and css knowledge to accomplish this!
  6. Submit this project on the Google Drive by the deadline.

Suggestions for implementation

Grading Criteria

  1. Creative use of sound and space.
  2. Willingness to experiment.
  3. Demonstrates a beginning understanding of Javscript integrated with the HTML and CSS concepts learned in class.

Intro to Web Page & Interactive Design: NM231