For this project, you will create a web-based experience in the form of a navigation or a journey through a space. Think of a place that is important to you. This place can be real or imaginary and it can be on any scale, enormous or tiny. You will create a series of linked html pages (no fewer than 25 and up to 50) that take a visitor through this place with you.

This project emphasises your creative portrayal of this place to a visitor through the use of first-person perspective. Are you taking us on a tour of a place small and intimate, like your grandmother's jewlery box? Are you taking us on a journey through an imagined otherworldly landscape? Are you taking us on a walk through the woods behind your childhood home? Or someplace else?

Your webpages can link in a linear fashion, or they can link to each other as a tree or a non-linear, multi-path navigation experience (think choose your own adventure books). Look at example “Twine” sites for inspiration


  1. Code 25-50 linked webpages using the html we have learned so far.
  2. Your site should be coded correctly and should function as a series of offline folders and files.
  3. This project emphasises text and your design of type of a page, however, you may use up to 3 images or gifs.
  4. Submit this project on Google Drive as a zipped file.
  5. Include with your project submission 1 paragraph of text (approx 300 words) describing your idea and concept for the project. This should be an extra html page added to your site.

Suggestions for implementation

We will be holding interim and final critiques for this project -- see the course schedule for the dates.

Grading Criteria

  1. Meets the criteria in the Instructions section.
  2. Planning and implementation, spelling, grammar and punctuation are correct.
  3. Creativity and originality.
  4. Use of typography and execution of the design.
  5. Consideration of interactivity and user experience
  6. Demonstrates an increased understanding of the use of html tags to markup text.

Intro to Web Page & Interactive Design: NM231