NM 231 - UNC Asheville
Intro to Web Page & Interactive Design
Dr. Victoria Bradbury | Classroom: Zeis 201

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Learn HTML


Learn CSS


Introduction to Javascript


Introduce Yourself

Site Samples

A Walkthrough Tour:

html Type

Complex Designs:

Wireframe & Site Map


Group Website & Presentation


Homage to the Box Model


Experiments with Sound & Space

Open Project:

HTML, CSS & Javascript

Open Project:


Open Project:

Physical Computing


  • This lecture introduces you to the course theme and content by starting with the infrastures that make the web function.

  • Walkthrough Tour

    Twines and Web-based Narratives

    See examples of web-based interactive narratives.

  • This lecture introduces you to the Net.art movement and art historical concepts that led to artists creating works for a networked platform.

  • CSS:

    Floats & Positioning

    This lecture introduces you to key concepts that you need in order to structure divs in HTML & CSS. These concepts are fundamental to creating all projects from the Albers project and later.

  • This lecture presents artists working with the web as a platform, or as a concept, in the last 10 years.

  • Follow
    In Class!


Click each link to download a zip file of the demo.

Demo 1: Basic Text

Setup a root folder. Place text on the page.

Demo 2: Links

Create and link multiple pages.

Demo 3: Images

Embed image types in html. Image sizes (in pixels) are important in relation to screen size. File sizes are important to manage data usage.

Demo 4: Box Model

Understand and use basic box model.

Demo 5: Positioning

Layout divs on the page and extend box model.

Demo 6: Hover Gifs

Create color-changing gifs in Photoshop. Embed them in divs with hover states.

Demo 7: Simple Website

Use box model to layout a simple website.

Demo 8: Javascript

Create interactive divs with sound.

Demo 9: Javascript animation.

Animate and move interactive divs.


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